Release Notes: Edge Functions and Webhooks illustration

Release Notes: Edge Functions and Webhooks

Jacob Prall
Jacob Prall
2 min read
Jun 11, 2024

Hello, and welcome to our first monthly release notes!

At SQLite Cloud, we want to dramatically simplify your stack. The traditional client/server database architecture introduces a lot of complexity and latency. This is especially true when you need to synchronize data across devices and servers.

To that end, we’re building a real-time, globally distributed, local-first cloud backend with the simplicity and efficiency of SQLite at its core.

Today, we’re excited to announce two major feature releases that bring us one step closer to GA - Edge Functions and Webhooks!

Edge Functions

Edge functions in SQLite Cloud are units of logic that execute directly on the nodes where your data is stored. SQLite Cloud edge functions can be used for ultra-low latency edge data processing, integrating third party services, or for building an end-to-end backend.

SQLite Cloud currently supports JavaScript, TypeScript, and SQL functions. For JavaScript and TypeScript execution, we chose the Bun.js runtime for its performance characteristics and developer experience.

Here’s how to deploy an edge function in SQLite Cloud:

To trigger your edge function, you’ll need to set up a Webhook.


In SQLite Cloud, you can configure webhooks to be triggered through HTTP or Websockets via external API call, or when database events occur, such as inserts, updates, or deletes. This functionality allows applications to react immediately to changes in your database.

You can also configure SQLite Cloud to hit an external webhook endpoint. When a database event triggers an outbound webhook, SQLite Cloud sends a payload that includes change data. We see this powering a wide variety of use cases - from real-time collaboration and notifications to CDC and data extraction.

Here’s how to set up a webhook from your dashboard:

Future Work

Currently, we support edge functions in JavaScript, TypeScript and SQL. In the future, we look forward to adding more languages, with Python as our next target.

While we’re excited to bring you these powerful features, this is only the beginning of the summer of SQLite! Make sure to check out our documentation on edge functions and Webhooks for practical examples to get started.

Sign up for a free account today and stay tuned for our upcoming local-first GA and client-side edge functions releases.

Until next time!

Follow along for updates and improvements made to SQLite Cloud.

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