Release Notes: Weblite and Backups illustration

Release Notes: Weblite and Backups

Jacob Prall
Jacob Prall
2 min read
Jun 18, 2024

Hello, and welcome back to another week's release notes!

At SQLite Cloud, we’re building a real-time, globally distributed, local-first cloud backend with the simplicity and efficiency of SQLite at its core.

Our latest feature updates, Weblite and Backups, are designed to accelerate your development process while providing comprehensive disaster recovery in case of data corruption.

Weblite - SQLite Cloud API

Weblite is a collection of auto-generated, RESTful, HTTP/JSON endpoints for interacting with your databases and edge functions. Now, you can start building anything on SQLite Cloud, from proof-of-concepts to an entire application, without the need for a client library or web server.

Weblite is stateless, and supports most SQL statements. Transactions are not supported - if you need to execute transactions, we suggest encapsulating your logic into an edge function.

Check out the full specs in the “Development” section of your SQLite Cloud dashboard.


SQLite Cloud backups offer automated full-database snapshots daily, and incremental updates every second (when changes have occurred), offering exceptional levels of protection against data corruption. The default retention period is one week.

Here’s how you can start backing up your database, and restore from a backup.

Future Work

We are working on offering multiple retention periods. If you have needs that exceed the one week retention period, we’d like to hear from you!

That concludes this week of the summer of SQLite! Sign up for a free account today and stay tuned for our upcoming local-first GA.

Until next time!

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